Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome BSc 05 to EDU330 August 2011

Updated on 22 August 2011

Welcome BSc05. This is an update before we start today.
Please bring a new notebook / exercise book (any size) for use in this course.

You must have received your course information by now.

There is a pre-course task that has to be completed and the submission is via a blog. That has to be done before the course starts. Hence the 20 August 2011 deadline. Most of you have sent me the url for your own blog. I can see everyone's blog except Maslinda's.

However, throughout the course, there are also reflections that has to be done and these are, again, though the blog. The deadline to complete all reflections is 1 September 2011.

In the meantime, it is good to get your blog up and running - send me the link and your name (the one you prefer me to call you as well as your official name).

Many of you have sent me the url for your blogs and I have linked them to this blog. Please complete the pre-course reading and task by the deadline 20 August.

See you in class. Watch this space for all forms of communication related to the course.

In the first session, we will look at what cosntitutes mathematics and how children learn it - we will use content in whole numbers. The third session will be taken by a guest lecturer Peggy Foo who will share with you the idea of lesson study and examples of lessons in kindergaten used in lesson study. Fractions will be covered in Session 2 and Session 4.