Monday, April 1, 2013

EDU330 Different Uses of Numbers

Finishing a Race
In As I Was Going to St Ives, our friend added
7 + 49 + 343 + 2401 to get 2800. Counting the man, she got 2801!

In using numbers as cardinal numbers, our friend is counting wives, sacks, as well as cats and kittens. While it is fine to count the cats and kittens, it is kind of strange to count persons and sacks together!

In today's session we look at numbers used as cardinal, ordinal (space and time), measurement and nominal numbers.

We spoke about the difference between rote counting and rational counting.

We solved Problem 1 (Name Problem) and Problem 2 (Spelling Number Names).

Make-Up Work for Absentee(s) - Find out by talking to your classmates and / or reading up and make short notes on:
(1) Different Uses of Numbers with Examples
(2) Learning Theories by Vygotsky (social learning), Bruner (representations) and Skemp (understandings)
Please submit make-up work, which is typically one or two page long, with your Final Assignment, stating the date of absence.


How can you tell the number of eggs in this photograph?

Tim, a K2 boy, is unable to tell you the correct number of eggs in the photograph.
What information can you provide Tim's parents with?

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