Sunday, November 17, 2013

MAT150 Developing Problem-Solving Skills Session 3 on 18/11/2013

Don't forget we meet this evening and tomorrow to discuss instructional strategies and also linking mathematics to other domains.

After these two days, the assigned reading is Chapter 4 - Planning in the Problem-Based Classroom.

Based on your reading, compile five photographs to remind colleagues in early childhood sector what is important in planning for exciting problem-solving lessons for young children. Please bring these five photographs (can be simply printed on your own printer) with annotation (limited to three sentences) for the next class meeting in December. You can use the guiding questions at the end of Chapter 4 to guide you.

An example will be shown here later.

Today we look at instructional strategies and assessment methods.

We solve Problem 31 - How Many Pieces?

Along the way we reviewed important bits about teaching beyond ten, choice of materials for shapes, and the language of measurements.

We also saw the creation of the English Language as a problem-solving process.

Problem 32 - How Many Coins in the Can?

We discussed some differentiated instruction strategies via a discussion on a lesson to compare length of paper strips.

Several challenging topics were brought up.

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