Saturday, April 6, 2013

EDU330 Communication Board

The course has ended but the learning continues.

Class Discussion on Subtraction of Fractions With Renaming
Please update you reflections on your blog. It is best done soon after the session. It is also good to complete your journal which will be submitted with your Final Assignment.

Discussion of your responses to the Quiz will be done here over the next one week.

Most of you managed to relate 3/4 divided 2 to a '(equal) sharing situation'. For example, this is a word problem that can be solved by doing 3/4 divided by 2.

Mother Jane bought a pizza.
She gave 3 fourths (of the pizza) to her two children to share equally between themselves. How much of the pizza did each child get? 
                                (Yan Ting, with minor editing)

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