Monday, July 16, 2012

SEED Institute EDU330 BSc06/2012 Post 2 Information on Quiz

In Post 1 or the first post for this class, I have shown a photograph of how students have made a mural using square sheets of paper. A content-related quiz task could require you to find the number of sheets of square paper needed for that mural. You will be asked to give more than one way to arrive at an answer. You may also be given an extension task based on the basic task. A pedagogy-related quiz task could require you to explain why a child respond in the way that he or she did. Sample Task Jon wrote 4 during independent written work where there is a picture of a box of 10 sweets and a tray showing 3 sweets. Suggest Jon's misconception. Describe one teaching strategy in teaching counting to 20. Please come punctually in order to have the opportunity to complete the quiz. Please drop your response to each day's quiz by 6.10 p.m. for it to be graded. You may also complete the quiz during the break (if you are late for class) or at home (if you are absent for a day). These will be graded but some credit will be taken off the final score. Please submit all responses by Saturday's class. There is no Quiz on Monday and Saturday. If you are absent on any day, please drop me an e-mail message. You are also required to complete a make up task which is essentially a two-page answer to the key questions for each session. The key questions are in the Course Information. Please submit these as Appendix to your Final Assignment.

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