Saturday, March 23, 2013

EDU330 Wheelock College / SEED Institute BSc 07: Welcome

This course is Elementary Mathematics where the focus is for pre-school teachers learn a combination of mathematics and its pedagogy with implications for early childhood settings.
Kindergarten Lesson at Seoul Foreign School

This course for the cohort BSc 07 starts on 1 April 2013. Students must have received Course Information from SEED Institute.There is a pre-course reading that has to be  completed and you need to have a blog set up to document your learning.

Students are expected to read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of the textbook and make a blog entry to show that they have understood the readings and have an opinion on the readings. 

Textbook: Van de Walle, J. Elementary and middle school mathematics: Teaching developmentally (8th Edition). New York: Longman. ISBN: 9780132879040

How many of each type of animals are there? What are the skills that a teacher needs to help child develop before this task is given to the child? If a child is unable to do this task, what is the cause? This and other questions will be explored in this course.

Source: O R Tambo International Airport (South Africa)