Saturday, April 6, 2013

EDU330 Communication Board

The course has ended but the learning continues.

Class Discussion on Subtraction of Fractions With Renaming
Please update you reflections on your blog. It is best done soon after the session. It is also good to complete your journal which will be submitted with your Final Assignment.

Discussion of your responses to the Quiz will be done here over the next one week.

Most of you managed to relate 3/4 divided 2 to a '(equal) sharing situation'. For example, this is a word problem that can be solved by doing 3/4 divided by 2.

Mother Jane bought a pizza.
She gave 3 fourths (of the pizza) to her two children to share equally between themselves. How much of the pizza did each child get? 
                                (Yan Ting, with minor editing)

Friday, April 5, 2013

EDU330 Data Handling & Differentiated Instruction

Today is the last session and the class baked cookies for me that come with a word problem.

EDU330 Algebraic Thinking

We solve two problems today - investigating polygons made on geoboard and arranging five consecutive numbers in a certain arrangement.

I recall doing this lesson with a group of gifted students in The Netherlands.

I particularly enjoyed students' attempt at finding the area of their polygons. In this photograph, two boys were quite animated in trying to calculate the area of the triangle.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

EDU330 Measurements & Geometry

Look at Piaget's idea of assimilation and accommodation.

Make-Up Work for Absentees - Find out by talking to your classmates and / or reading up and make short notes on:
(1) Explain 1/2 divided by 3/8
(2) First Three Levels of van Hiele Theory

Also complete the various problems solved in class today.

Today, I took sometime to read Ambiga's Blog and I like the link to different types of numbers. I also like the snapshots she took to give me an insight what she and her group members were up to when solving the problems.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

EDU330 Fractions


* Review

* How Many Paper Clips Are There?

* Problem 6 - Equal Parts

Show 4 equal parts.

* Problem 7 - Present

Adrian and Bala shared the total cost of a present. Adrian paid $15 more than 3/8 of the cost of the present. Bala paid $25. How much did the present cost?.

* Problem 8 - Same or Different?

Show 3 fourths. Show 6 eighths.

Quiz 1

Write different stories to illustrate different meanings of 12 - 4 and 12 : 4 .

Explain three different ways to find the value of 12 - 7 .

Make-Up Work for Absentees

Make short notes for the most fundamental idea about fractions and how to teach equivalent fractions.

Also complete the Quiz.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

EDU330 Situations Related to Addition and Subtraction

Photographs of the Discussion Board are available at my Facebook

Two types of addition stories were written by students in the course - part-whole and before-after situations.

For today's session, you might blog about different subtraction, multiplication or division stories. Or think about different ways to do 14 - 9 ...

Monday, April 1, 2013

EDU330 Different Uses of Numbers

Finishing a Race
In As I Was Going to St Ives, our friend added
7 + 49 + 343 + 2401 to get 2800. Counting the man, she got 2801!

In using numbers as cardinal numbers, our friend is counting wives, sacks, as well as cats and kittens. While it is fine to count the cats and kittens, it is kind of strange to count persons and sacks together!

In today's session we look at numbers used as cardinal, ordinal (space and time), measurement and nominal numbers.

We spoke about the difference between rote counting and rational counting.

We solved Problem 1 (Name Problem) and Problem 2 (Spelling Number Names).

Make-Up Work for Absentee(s) - Find out by talking to your classmates and / or reading up and make short notes on:
(1) Different Uses of Numbers with Examples
(2) Learning Theories by Vygotsky (social learning), Bruner (representations) and Skemp (understandings)
Please submit make-up work, which is typically one or two page long, with your Final Assignment, stating the date of absence.


How can you tell the number of eggs in this photograph?

Tim, a K2 boy, is unable to tell you the correct number of eggs in the photograph.
What information can you provide Tim's parents with?