Sunday, October 28, 2012

MAT150 BSc06 Wheelock College / SEED Institute Entry 2

Sample Test Item

Practice for Test on Saturday

Ms Mitra is preparing small gift packs for the children in her class.

Each pack consists of
- three pencils
- a ruler
- five pieces of milk candies

She already has a large box of 50 pencils and 100 pieces of milk candies.
She has access to any number of rulers she needs.

Task (a) [5 points]
Work out the largest number of gift packs Ms Mitra can make.

Task (b) [5 points]
Make a sketch of a figure that can be folded into a box to hold the pencils, ruler and milk candies.
State the assumptions you make and label the dimensions.

Task (c) [5 points]
Name or describe the problem-solving heuristics you used to solve the 'problem'.
Explain why the task is a problem to a primary-level child.

Task (d) [5 points]
Explain how this task can be modified for it to be suitable for K2 children.

Each task can be completed in about 15 minutes.

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