Sunday, September 12, 2010

Children's Literature & Mathematics

"Select a children’s book. Work in a group of 2 to 3 persons to use the book to teach a mathematical concept. Be creative and choose a suitable format to showcase your group’s work. Your presentation must include the book and the mathematics activity, and allows the audience to understand how the book can be used to help children acquire the mathematical concept. No boundaries – skit, video, poster, slideshow or any other format."

Question - must the activity be to teach a concept?

I have braoden this requirement a bit. Look for a suitable book and explore how it can be used to teach a particular mathematics concept, to practice a mathematical skill or to do problem solving (any one of the three). So if your group prefer, the tasks can be to teach a new concept or to practice a skill / concept or to apply a concept to solve a problem. You decide which of the three you want to do.

The textbook has many suggestions and resources - read the relevant sections.

Question - must we present it?

You can use Powerpoint to present your work - scan the book you use as well as the mathematical tasks you are giving the kids to do. If that is all you have you can submit you work as a soft copy (CD). If there are other things that you need to submit that are not suitable to be submitted as soft copies, hand in the hard copy.

If you have other creative way to present your work please go ahead. If you are doing a skit etc, you may video record it and submit a video file.

But we are not going to have time to have presentations in class. We will share all presentations using our e-learning platform.

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