Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reminder - Blogging

If your blog is not linked to this blog (see right-hand-side of this blog), that mean I have not been able to access it. I think a few of you still have not given me your blog's url. Please check. Let your friends know too.

Please check this blog regularly for updates on what you need to do before we meet next week.

I hope you have your readings up-to-date. Also a chance to work on your story book assignment.

Review the chapters on whole numbers in the textbook (and if you have not read them, it is a good time to start, given that we are two thirds way through the course). Write a blog to compare what is suggested about teaching of number sense in the textbook and what is being practised in pre-school teaching. Mention one or two things that the book suggests and are already in practice in pre-schools. Mention one or two things that the book suggests but is not a common practice in pre-school.

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