Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MAT150 Developing Problem-Solving Skills 9 October 2013

Introduction - Problem Solving and Singapore Curriculum

Experiencing and Discussing
Show two halves.

Polya Four-Stage Model was discussed.
1. Understand
2. Plan
3. Do
4. Look Back

Problem solving includes exploring, specialising and generalising. (Mason)

Problem solving include self checking.

We completed three other tasks to understand what is problem solving.

In three steps, we changed CAT into DOG.
Only one letter can be changed each time.
Each word must be an English word.

John and Mary agreed to meet at 6 o'clock at a restaurant. John's watch is fast by 2 minutes. Mary's watch is slow by 5 minutes. John arrived at the restaurant, looked at his watch and said, " I am 5 minutes early." Mary did the same and said, "Oh no! I am 5 minutes late."

How long does one person have to wait for the other?

We also looked at Mrs Lim's happy problem (PSLE Preliminary Examination Problem from a school).

Mrs Lim usually spent $290 on several bottles of vitamins at Healthway Pharmacy. During a storewide discount of 20%, Mrs Lim found that she could buy 2 additional bottles of vitamins with the same amount of money.

Were you able to make the connection that the 20% discount is the cost of the two additional bottles?

If you are absent or missed the discussion please submit a solution to the problem with one main point that you can discuss based on the solving of the problem.

Reading to be done before November's sessions - Chapter 3 and complete on of the tasks by presenting it in the form of an A4 poster for sharing with colleagues. Submit this when you come back in November.

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