Thursday, October 10, 2013

MAT150 Developing Problem Solving Skills 10 October 2013

We reviewed problem solving using this video

Yi Yang (age 1.5 year) pretending to solve a maths problem
We solve a problem connected to polygons with area 5 square units and ended up observing a pattern.

We also solved a problem connected to packing 19 beans in bags of 2 or 3 beans as well as two other related problems - 10 bicycles and tricycles have 28 wheels and the possible values of 10 coins of two types - 5-cent and 20-cent coins.

We reviews the CAT to DOG problem by trying to do TOAD to FROG (how about STEPSISTER to CINDERELLA?)

We looked at various heuristics - some concrete, others pictorial and yet others abstract.

Five core competencies - visualization, number sense, looking for patterns, metacognition and communication.

If you are absent or missed the discussion please submit a solution to the problem with one main point that you can discuss based on the solving of the problem.

Reading to be done before November's sessions - Chapter 3 and complete on of the tasks by presenting it in the form of an A4 poster for sharing with colleagues. Submit this when you come back in November.

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