Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Final Session

Today is the last session for EDU330.

Lesson 22 Writing a story problem for 4 divided by 2/3. I am glad we see several suitable responses. I randomly selected a few responses.

There are 4 cakes. Each child receives 2/3 of the cake. How many children are there? (Joycelyn)

Inger has 4 pizzas and she needs to cut it into two thirds. How many two thirds can she get out of it? (Ylva)

Lesson 23 How Big is a Foot is a good story to introduce the concept of standard unit in length. One activity I can do in class is to ask students to use the king's foot to measure the size of the bed that fits each of the children in the class. Or for homework, let them bring the 'foot' home and find the dimensions of the beds that fit each member of the kid's family.

Lesson 24 MRT Station. The class was sent to find the height between Level 1 and Basement 1 of the station.

Lesson 25 was to make a container to fill 15 beans.

Lesson 26 was to make a graph to show how we get to school.

We ended with a caterpillar story to remind us that shortcuts can 'damage' a child, easpecially in early childhood education.

The course has ended but learning continues ...

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