Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Session 2

We have covered key ideas in Chapter 8 to 14. Tomorrow we will do some lessons in kindergarten and lower primary and explore ways to develop key components of mathematical thinking.

Today we completed our discussion on what constitute mathematics. The class came up with Problem Solving & Thinking with five key components - Generalization (patterns, relationship, connections), Visualization, Communication (language, representation, reasoning, justification), Number Sense and Metacognition.

Lesson 6 was on Take 1 or 2 Game where we decide bad numbers are multiples of three. There was some attempt to generalize to when the rule allows taking one, two or three sticks. Lesson 7 was a favourite - Making Largest Even Number.

Lesson 8 was on Long Division. The photograph shows Lesson 9.

Lesson 10 was a word problem in response to a question raised.

Make-up work for absentees. Please solve all the problems we discussed and prepare a set of short notes for three key ideas discussed in class today.

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