Monday, August 22, 2011

Session 1

We had the first meeting today.

We did tasks in Lesson 1 (Name Problem), Lesson 2 (Sound of a Number), Lesson 3 (Jun-Jun, Lasene & Siti), Lesson 4 (Spelling Card Trick), Lesson 5 (Arrange Five Numbers).

If you are absent from the session
(1) solve these problems and submit them - you may need to consult a classmate to find out the details;
(2) explain the diferent uses of numbers - ordinal, nominal, cardinal and measurement numbers;
(3) describe in order of increasing complexity different strategies to do 5 + 7; and
(4) four pre-requisites to counting.

If you were present, you must have learnt, minimally, all the above. You may also recall two 'mistakes' that teachers make in designing ordinal number tasks and patterning tasks.

Hopefully, you will review Chapter 2 and Chapter 8.

Do not forget to write your daily reflections - even if it is just one paragraph.

For your class participation, I have given out pegs. Please trade them for a 'good idea token' when you have ten of the pegs.

See you tomorrow. Do not be late if you want to do the Quiz.

I randomly went to a few blogs and saw that Ain had done up an entry where she shared a bit of what she learnt with other teachers who were not with us, and reminded those of us who were there with what we learnt.

Session 1 has as a goal to give teachers a correct mindset about mathematics and teaching. When I read more blogs I will know if this goal has been achieved and to what extent.

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