Friday, November 18, 2011

Lesson on Friday and Saturday

We solve two problems - the toothpick problem and the brick wall problem.

On Saturday we discussed the lesson study style lesson plan based on the hotdog problem. We also did Monkey Puzzle before we all setlled down to complete the final problem-solving test.

The Conversation Time on Saturday revolves the cotroversial issue of nurture and nature - Do children take to problem solcing like fish to water? and Do children need help in completing the problem-solving task?

The peer rating for Group 11 is 25 and for Group 12 is 27. The score is derived by removing the highest and lowest rating such that 10 scores remain. These are added up to give a score. A higher rating indicates your peers valued your insights more.

The ratings for Group 10 = 20. Group 8 = 24. Group 7 = 28.

Preliminary Assigment is graded based on Peer Evaluation + Quality of Slides + Individual Notes.

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