Monday, November 7, 2011

MAT150 BSc05 Wheelock College / SEED Institute

The course on problem solving has begun. Please prepare an exercise book which will be your problem-solving journal - you can refer to this during the test, so take good notes. You will also submit this to be graded for the Participation component of the course. Bring your own crayons, glue, scissors etc if you are the kind who like to make your journal interesting. At least one of you is using your iPad to take notes - in this case you can submit your 'notebook' in the soft copy form. Each problem will be assessed for (a) the quality of solution (b) the quality of presentation of the solution.

Please complete your pre-course task. You will be given time on Monday to form your Conversation Time Groups and have a short meeting. All Groups must be ready to talk about the pre-course work from Tuesday onwards - Groups and Questions will be drawn randomly.

This course is on problem solving in numeracy with extension to other domains.

The required textbook is the same as EDU330. Please be familiar with the chapters on problem solving.

To whet your appetite, here is one based on the photograph of a grocery store in New York City. Look at the green apples. Problem: Explaining your method and stating your assumptions, find the number of apples on one tray. Suppose the tray is a square tray.

Also think about how you will help K2 children solve this problem. What can a teacher do to help the children arrive at a solution? What content areas are required in solving this problem?

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