Friday, August 16, 2013

EDU330 Elementary Mathematics 08/17/13 Session 6

Today, you had fun with Ms Peggy Foo on lesson study and solving a bunch of enrichment lessons as well as to learn about differentiated instruction. From the work you produced, I noticed you have enjoyed yourselves and were thoroughly engaged.

Today, I read Salmah's blog as well as Marina's blog - Marina has a a talent in picking relevant videos to share with colleagues. I found the videos to be the most useful thing in her blog. Salmah's approach of using a question to focus each blog entry is helpful to parents seeking specific answers. So if my child cannot count a set of things, her entry Child Unable to Count ? might be helpful.

One approach to blog to communicate with colleagues and parents is to select a relevant video and you provide a synopsis plus your professional views on the topic discussed in the video.

Another approach is to write blog entries based on frequently asked questions.

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