Monday, August 12, 2013

EDU330 Elementary Mathematics 8/12/13 Session 1

P/S - if your name is still not listed on the side bar, please resend me the address of your blog and if you are absent for part or all of any lesson, please complete the problems discussed in your absence and submit these with your other journal entries on friday or saturday.

Creating a Mathematical Climate in the Classroom
1. How Children Learn Mathematics?
> We discussed two perspectives including the CPA Approach (Bruner)
2. What are the Big Ideas in Mathematics?
> We discussed looking for patterns (Lesson 2) and visualization (Lessons 1 and 3),

1. Introduction - What's new about school mathematics in Singapore and the US?

2. Lesson 1 - Tangram "Make a rectangle."
The class surfaced three ways of helping children learn - through exploration, through teacher modelling and through teacher scaffolding.

Literature Connection - Grandfather Tang's Story

3. Break

4. Lesson 2 - Name
The letters in my name is counted in a certain way (ask a friend to show you if you missed this one).
Which letter is counted 99th? How about your own name?

5. Course Briefing

6. Lesson 3 - Equal Parts
Make four equal parts.

7. Journal Writing

8. End of Session 1

Photographs are available on my Facebook
One of the students did this for a 7-piece solution

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