Monday, August 12, 2013

EDU330 Elementary Mathematics 8/13/13 Session 2

"No matter how lucidly and patiently teachers explain to their students, they cannot understand for their students."

Lesson 4 is based on Jack & The Beanstalk

5 + 6 + 7
Think of different ways to find the total of the three numbers.

Method 1 is to make ten. 
How many different ways to make ten?

Lesson 5 
Jack and his two friends share 51 beans equally.
Think of different ways to do this.

We discussed how this leads to long division algorithm. 

We had a discussion based on As I Was Going to St Ives
The song goes all the way back to 1800's and was found among ancient Egyptian artifact - see History

Lesson 6
AB x C = DE 
What are the digits A, B, C, D and E if they are all different?
None of them is 0.

We saw the four ways whole numbers are used and did problems based on the four operations (Lesson 5 - adding, Lesson 5 - dividing and Lesson 6 - multiplying).

We added metacognition and number sense to patterns and visualization as big ideas in mathematics learning.

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