Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reading Some of Your Blogs

The Card Trick
Today I read several of your blogs. I like the videos on Chujun's. There was one video on geoboard where the narrator said she made an equilateral triangle. Question: Is that possible? Prove it.

Her blog also gives us a glimpse into some theories we discussed in class.

Harlina's entries are interesting - it gives the hard theories in a light-hearted way. Plus the tangram book she unearthed for us may be of some interest to all. Given such interesting read, the three entries do not seem enough to for my pedagogical appetite.

Kelly's blog gives you a clear glimpse into what we did in class. She also included some things she found on the internet. The geoboard video shows a range of problems using the geoboard - by fixing the number of dots inside, number of dots on the perimeter, area and son on. Watch it.

What is really helpful is when the blogger gives readers an idea what to expect in each video. That way I do not need to spend time watching it if that is not what I am looking for. What is also helpful is the concise summary that some of you gave (it helps those who were not in class have a glimpse into what happened). I really enjoyed reading the extensions that some of you make after each lesson.

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